Keeping the Hidden Garden Steps Clean

Our San Francisco Street Parks Program colleagues have just made it a bit easier to keep the Hidden Garden Steps clean: a new garbage can is now in place at the foot of the Steps (16th Avenue, at Kirkham, in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset District).

HGS--Garbage_Can--2014-06-21Jerad Weiner, Community Liaison, Community Programs with the San Francisco Department of Public Works, helped coordinate the effort to obtain and place the can in an area that has been subject to accumulations of paper cups, empty pizza boxes, and other litter left by visitors to the site. The availability of the trash receptacle has noticeably reduced the amount of onsite litter since installation was completed a couple of weeks ago.

Volunteers from our extended community of support continue to engage in a variety of activities including weekly sweeping, trash removal as needed, and monthly onsite planting/garden maintenance.

To become involved in Steps community efforts to keep the site attractive and inviting, please contact Steps stewards Paul Signorelli and Licia Wells at

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